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The Cat Doctor is your first-stop shop for feline medicine. Think of us as your cat’s GP animal hospital. We love cats and what’s more is that we understand them, too. Our cat veterinarian and staff have loads of experience dealing exclusively with feline patients, so to say we know cats is an understatement!

Cats are special creatures. As a cat owner, you know that already. They have vastly different needs than a dog both at home and at the vet. At our feline clinic in Houston's inner-loop neighborhood of Montrose, we strive to give your cat a uniquely feline brand of veterinary care.

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An Animal Hospital Designed with Your Cat in Mind

We built our animal hospital to be full of warm colors, pleasing textures, and plenty of cat-friendly pheromones to put all our feline guests at ease. We want your cat to look forward to a visit with us. Every detail of our Montrose hospital was designed with your cat in mind. Take a look through our photo gallery to see it for yourself.


Tailoring Veterinary Services to Your Cat

When you bring your cat to see us, they (and you!) get the royal treatment. Your cat will always see the same cat veterinarian and team members for familiarity and comfort. It also helps us to get to know them and you better, too. Personal treatment is of primary importance to us as we believe each cat is different and deserves individualized veterinary care. We are dedicated to working with you to come up with a perfect care plan.

Our animal hospital focuses on preventive care and wellness services. If there’s something beyond our scope, we have fantastic referral services to give your cat the care they need.

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Why Take Your Cat to a Cat-Only Veterinarian?

The veterinary experience is often such a negative one for cats, and not only due to the presence of strange dogs! Without proper training and experience, many veterinary staff members lack an in-depth understanding of cats and their unique behavior. At The Cat Doctor, your feline friend receives specific care tailored to their medical needs and behavior. Not to mention it’s a more pleasant experience without all those dogs, too!

Give your cat the veterinary care they deserve at The Cat Doctor!

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