Wellness Exams for Cats in Houston, TX in a Stress-Free Environment


A visit to the vet is one of the most important things you can do for your cat and their long-term health. Yet, cats are notoriously fearful and anxious at the vet, which leads many owners to believe that a regular visit is doing more harm than good! At The Cat Doctor in Montrose, we believe that veterinary medicine should never be a negative experience. That’s why our veterinary practice offers cat wellness exams in a completely feline-friendly environment. A no-dogs space means no anxiety about other animals, and our expertly trained and friendly staff provide care tailored to your cat’s needs.

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Cat Wellness Exam in Houston, TX

Fleas, Heartworms, and Your Cat

Fleas and heartworms are both serious problems in Montrose and the surrounding Houston area. Parasite prevention is an important part of preventive care for cats and it is very effective at keeping any nasty buggers at bay—but consistency is key! Any skip in administration can be detrimental to your feline friend.

Fleas are external parasites that live and feed on your pet’s skin. They cause itchy, irritated skin that is prone to infection, as well as severe dermatitis if your cat is allergic. Some fleas even carry tapeworms that can infect your cat and cause even more serious conditions.

Heartworms are internal parasites that are transferred to your cat from the bite of an infected mosquito. While cats are atypical hosts for heartworms, these pests can cause serious issues including respiratory damage, blood clots, and even death. There is NO treatment for heartworms once your cat has them, so prevention is essential.


Cat Vaccinations

Vaccines are an important part of your cat’s preventive care plan. Without them, your cat is vulnerable to serious, potentially fatal illnesses, even if they are exclusively indoors!

We offer both core and non-core vaccines including:

  • Rabies (core)
  • FVRCP, or feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, panleukopenia (core)
  • Feline leukemia (non-core) – given primarily to young outdoor cats

Our vaccines are all non-adjuvanted, meaning they are safe for cats and are much less likely to cause reactions. Rabies and feline leukemia both require annual boosters, while FVRCP is administered on a 3-year basis. We strongly believe in giving every cat only the vaccines they need so we can avoid over-vaccination.



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